An adventure game with puzzle elements set in a minimalist open world

Bokida takes place on a dormant, seemingly monochromatic world of light that gradually reveals its beauty, expanding its palette of colors. It is a peaceful game where you experience freedom while exploring an intriguing environment.
Journey through this environment using your abilities to reunite two planets who were separated a long time ago.



Had a stressy day? This seems perfect.
— Craig Pearson, Rock Paper Shotgun
The music is soothing, the mechanics — cutting and subsequent physics-based response in particular — are fun to toy with, and the weird, existing world is fun to climb and explore just for the sake of doing it.
— Steven Hansen, Destructoid
The idea that a game about creation and destruction, about the unification of two stars (perhaps one dead and one alive), eventually leads you to realize the power of “non-action” seems like it could be powerful.
— Chris Priestman, Killscreen
It features the exploratory freedom and wonder of a game like Proteus, the surreal graphical aesthetic of something like Antichamber, and the physics based tools of Tiny & Big
— Nick Reineke,